03/20/2013 01:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Watch Apple's Latest Hire, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch, Steamroll And Explode An iPhone (VIDEO)

Hey, current Apple employees? You might want to buy a super-secure case for your iPhone before your newest coworker arrives.

Yes, you may have already heard that Apple has poached former Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch to be its new VP of Technology; and you may have already read that Lynch has a history of bashing Apple products. But what you may not know is that Lynch also once filmed a video of himself and another Adobe employee destroying the iPhone using a variety of increasingly sadistic methods.

As pointed out by the Apple-obsessed blog Daring Fireball, this YouTube video from 2009 shows then-Adobe CTO Lynch and former Adobe executive John Loiacono inventing creative ways to "merge" Adobe Flash and the iPhone in a promotional video for that year's AdobeMAX conference. All of the methods involve the complete destruction of the iPhone, which -- you might recall -- famously never supported Flash.

Watch Apple's latest hire shattering several iPhones below:

At least he'll have something to talk about on his first day!



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