03/20/2013 04:18 pm ET Updated Mar 20, 2013

Barack Obama In 'Entourage' Movie? 'Maybe He'll Grace Us With A Cameo,' Says Star Adrien Grenier

Now that the "Entourage" movie is official, it's time to figure out which stars and public figures will appear as themselves in the new film. First up on the wish list for star Adrien Grenier? President Barack Obama.

"I think if he has some spare time, maybe he'll grace us with a cameo," Grenier, who plays Vincent Chase in "Entourage," said of the president to Haute Living. "Maybe Vince will go into politics."

Grenier himself is active in politics, going so far as to stump for Barack Obama during his first presidential campaign in 2008. In March of 2012, Grenier posted a photo of himself and Obama at the White House with the following caption: "I promised to make the 'Entourage' movie if he would do a cameo. He agreed. Seriously."

Since going off the air in 2011, rumors of an "Entourage" movie were persistent, but the project didn't get an official green light until January of this year. Warner Bros. will release the film, with series creator Doug Ellin acting as screenwriter and director.

For those wondering why Obama would ever even joke about appearing in the "Entourage" movie, the president named the HBO series as one of his favorites back in 2009.

"I never try to analyze these things too much, but I think Obama is someone who believes in family and loyalty," Ellin told The New York Daily News that year. "And I think at its core, that's what 'Entourage' is about."

Before fans get their hopes up too much, however, consider these comments from series star Jerry Ferrara:

"As sick and awesome as that would be, I think that was a pretty cool joke," Ferrara told E! Online back in 2012 after Grenier posted the photo of Obama. "I can't imagine that the president of the United States is going to do a cameo in anything. There's way more important things going on."

The new issue of Haute Living, featuring a full interview with Grenier, is on newsstands Monday.

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