Bunny Hoarding: Jessica Ly, 2 Others Charged After 77 Abused Rabbits Found In Georgia Home

When police went looking for Jessica Ly, a woman wanted for violating her probation, they discovered a disturbing, bunny-hoarding scene.

In her Dunwoody, Ga., home where she, two other adults, and one child live, were at least 77 rabbits, a strong urine stench, and piles of animal feces everywhere, police say.

The other residents, Louis Massood and Dena Guevara, both 47, told police last month that they kept the rabbits for "rescue purposes," according to a Dunwoody Police Department report obtained by the Smoking Gun.

At the time, all three adults were arrested on suspicion of possessing illegal prescription drugs. They were later charged with animal cruelty, according to WSB-TV Atlanta.

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bunny hoarding
Pictured: From left, Jessica Ly, Louis Massood, Dena Guevara

Authorities contacted animal control officers, who took about a dozen of the rabbits. The rest were brought to a local rabbit farm, USA Today reported.

Dunwoody Police Officer Tim Fecht told WSB-TV that the trio did not have the proper facilities to care for so many bunnies. "Hopefully they’re in a better place now,” he said.

Seventy-seven is no number to shrug off. In 2009, though, an Oregon "Bunny Lady" was cited for having 334 rabbits in her home. She'd already been banned from owning pets.



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