03/20/2013 08:03 am ET Updated Mar 20, 2013

'Hell's Kitchen': One Contestant Quits, Both Teams Lose (VIDEO)

Gina, who didn't make any friends during the first week of "Hell's Kitchen" when she brought out a puppet, continued to ostracize herself. In only the second week, though, she'd apparently had enough of the team aspect of the competition.

During the team challenge, she decided it was over. "Unfortunately, I’m not going to be staying here for this challenge. I’m gonna be leaving," she told Chef Gordon Ramsay.

"You’re happy to throw the towel in so quickly?" he asked her. Apparently, she was.

SheKnows was glad to see her go, saying, "One wacko down, many more to go." But CarterMatt was left wondering why she wanted to leave. Sure, she wasn't getting along with her fellow competitors, but is that reason enough to give up on a dream job -- in the second week?

Her departure didn't stop the competition, though, and it wasn't a good week for everyone. Ultimately, he threw both teams out of the competition and declared them both losers. Each team picked two nominees for elimination. Ramsay then sent Christian home.

See who goes home next on "Hell's Kitchen," Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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