03/20/2013 11:28 am ET

Miami Artist's Bomb Replica Causes Neighbors To Call The Authorities (VIDEO)

A Miami artist's convincing artillery replica inspired concerned neighbors to call the bomb squad on Tuesday.

Omar Ali told WSVN that authorities asked him to leave his home at Northeast 80th and Bayshore Court while the bomb squad investigated his backyard. Watch the video above.

But perhaps Miamians have good reason to be a little jumpy if they think their neighbor has a World War II bomb sitting behind his house.

In 2011, a live Navy mine washed ashore in Miami Beach, causing the bomb squad to evacuate the sand.

A month later, a Miami Gardens family found a live grenade in their backyard.

More recently, a $570,000 flying drone, which is officially called a BQM-167A Air Force Subscale Aerial Target according to the Miami Herald, was found drifting in waters off Key Largo.



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