03/20/2013 11:29 am ET Updated Mar 20, 2013

Simon Cowell's Twitter Rant: 'X Factor' Judge Does Some Soul Searching

Simon Cowell did a bit of soul searching Tuesday as he went on a unusual Twitter rant in 17 posts. The "X Factor" judge and perpetual talent scout began by talking about -- what else -- work, but soon moved on to his feelings of health and life in a rare display of emotion for the notoriously cantankerous television personality.

Here is a condensed version of some of his Tweets:

"And with everything I have been working on it made me realise that your friends and family are still the most important things in your life. Sorry to cram all this in. Have read some strange things about me recently. I am happy. Healthy. And enjoying life. Hope you are too. What I have realised is there will be bumps in your life but the fun is fixing them. If it was always easy life would be boring ... I was a little deep tonight but it was one of those nights you realise you have a lot to be thankful for."

And while we can only guess what "strange things" Cowell is referring to -- perhaps his recent breakup with Carmen Electra? -- one thing is clear: Cowell does a surprisingly good job in emoting his feelings.



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