03/21/2013 01:40 pm ET

Alexander Morris, 19-Year-Old From Ireland, Builds DIY Instagram Photo Booth For Prom (VIDEO)

When Alexander Morris was hired to photograph his former high school’s prom, he brainstormed a way to make picture-taking more fun. The 19-year-old photographer from Ireland came up with the idea to create a life-size photo machine that resembles everyone’s favorite social media app for photos, Instagram.

Coming up with a fun, photo-related activity for your next party just became easier, since the teen posted a step-by-step instruction guide on how to replicate his DIY creation and build your own on Instructables.com.

While this DIY prom activity didn't result in photos that looked just like the filters on Instagram, the photo booth machine appeared nearly identical. Mashable reports it took 11 weeks for Morris to build this photo machine himself, and that it didn’t come without lots of hard work.

"From cutting the boards and rounding the corners, to assembling the gear and setting the flash, Morris’s guide to the final product is 18 steps,” Lauren Gores explained in a video for Mashable. “But when one of your steps is writing code for an Arduino micro-controller that connects to a self-assembled circuit board, you can bet this is going to take more than an afternoon."

Morris's photo booth might not be conventional, but it's one of the many trends that show high school proms bucking old traditions and opting for more do-it-yourself friendly activities. From original pieces of jewelry and dress shoes to one-of-a-kind clutches made out of literary classics, students have access to a number of creative ways to make their own prom experiences extra unique.

Prom go-ers are also taking less traditional modes of transportation on the big night -- like old-fashioned cars and school buses -- instead of limos.

[h/t Mashable]



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