03/21/2013 07:31 pm ET

Barry Zito Sues Friend For $3 Million

Barry Zito may have pitched seven strikeouts in five innings against the Mariners last week, but it seems there's trouble in paradise.

The Giants pitcher has filed two lawsuits against a close friend, claiming he swindled him out of $3 million in a "fitness software scheme that never materialized," according to CBS.

Zito claims his friend, Michael Clark, told him that money he invested in his fitness startup, dotFIT, was raising $20 million in equity. But Zito later learned the money had been used to pay for high salaries, bonuses and to pay off an insider loan, according to the Courthouse News Service.

According to the suit, Clark and his associates misrepresented the company, using Clark's friendship to gain Zito's trust. Named in the lawsuit are dotFIt, Clark and several other fitness companies and individuals.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that dotFIT was sold to ShareCare, "an online health question-and-answer platform created by WedMD founder Jeffrey Arnold and celebrity physician Dr. Mehmet Oz." According to the Chronicle, neither is included in the suit.

Zito is reportedly seeking $3 million in damages, which, as CBS wisely noted, is about 15 percent of Zito's 2013 salary.

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