03/21/2013 06:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Billy McNeely Finds Knife Blade In Back 3 Years After He Was Stabbed (VIDEO)

Billy McNeely was stabbed three years ago, and ever since, the scar has been itchy and sore.

He found out Monday that his pain stemmed from the knife blade that had been embedded in his back the whole time, despite checkups by multiple doctors and nurses, according to CBC News.

On Monday, the 32-year-old Fort Good Hope, Canada man was sitting with his girlfriend, who was scratching his sore, lumpy scar. The couple was surprised when she ran her fingernail tip across the tip of a blade poking out of his skin, The Canadian Press reports.

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McNeely, who was stabbed in a fight in April 2010, says he's been uncomfortable and that he set off every metal detector he walked through over the past three years. But doctors chalked up the lump to nerve damage, and speculated that a metal fragment lodged in his bone might be the reason he's had problems at security checkpoints.

Instead, it was revealed to be a blade more than three inches long.

"They never took no X-rays, they just stitched me up, bandaged me up," he told CBC News. "I'm kind of upset ... They should've X-rayed right off the beginning in case there was internal damage."

He's keeping the blade as a souvenir, but he's considering suing the health department in the territory he first received treatment.



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