03/21/2013 02:22 pm ET

Delta Delivers Pizza To Stranded Passengers In Knoxville (VIDEO)

When a Delta flight from Boston to Atlanta was diverted due to inclement weather, the plane wound up sitting on the runway in Knoxville for several hours. Sympathetic to the stranded passengers' plight, the airline, the TSA and the local police sprang into action, delivering 60 pizzas to the plane.

The inpromptu pizza party was paid for by Delta, which was only obligated under law to supply lackluster airline snacks, but facilitated by TSA agents, who had to screen the slices, and local law enforcement, which turned on their sirens to bring the pies out to the plan. The logistics involved were, well, involved, but the result was delicious.

"I think it's awesome, especially if people had kids on the plane," passenger Shallandra Schrader told a Bill Liss of WXIA news in Atlanta.

Watch the report if you like pleasant stories about airlines going out of their way to put the joy back in flying or if you like older T.V. reporter lasciviously munching on pizza. Whatever works for you.