03/21/2013 08:33 am ET

'Haunted Collector': Team Captures Image Of Vengeful Prison Spirit In Photo (VIDEO)

The team headed to the Montana State Prison on "Haunted Collector." Workers there were scared because of violent paranomal activity including choking and scratching. Using a Polaroid camera during their investigation, the team captured something very unexpected.

"Look at that!" team leader John Zaffis said. "That looks like a female. Look at the characteristics."

Even more startling, further investigation led the team to the story of Lucy. She'd been imprisoned after her daughter died, but it seems the death was a mistake and not murder. Could Lucy's spirit now be haunting the prison? A photo of Lucy seemed to corroborate the story. The team compared it to their Polaroid and found them to be very similar.

It’s long been thought spirits could be captured in photos -- many photos become famous, like the Brown Lady's picture from 1936. To try and calm Lucy's spirit, the team hung her mugshot in the prison to be displayed. It seemed to satisfy the spirit, as no further activities have been reported.

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