03/21/2013 01:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jessica Alba Shares Tips And Tricks For A More 'Honest Life' On New Book

Jessica Alba released her first book, “The Honest Life”, and the star says eco-friendly living is an attainable balance within any budget.

She writes in the introduction:

“I’ll be honest… I eat organic meat. I don’t have time to wash cloth diapers. I have a total black thumb—if I had to grow our food we’d starve.”

The book is about making environmentally safe changes in our lives but as the 31-year-old Alba points out “it isn’t extreme.”

“It’s doable. It’s not like living off the grid,” Alba said in a phone interview on the “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” show.

Alba promoted “The Honest Life” ($22.99) over the weekend with a book signing event at Vroman’s Bookstore on Saturday, March 16, in Pasadena, Calif.

“I always thought that being healthy or green or eco or whatever was an extreme lifestyle. I’m not a vegan, I don’t live off the grid, I don’t wear hemp every day. I don’t have time,” Alba told E! News at the book signing.

Alba says that her company, The Honest Company, and her book happened organically over the years. She was searching for healthier and more environmentally friendly products and lifestyle for her and her family but hit a wall. The book recounts her personal journey to living a healthier and greener life. She saw an opportunity to help others by starting a company that sells eco-friendly products.

The actress, entrepreneur, wife and mother of two wanted to “make healthier choices that are realistic and inexpensive.”

“I wrote the book really just out of necessity. I wish I had this handbook, this guide book to get me through… motherhood,” she said.

“The Honest Life” has information about what products to buy, what you really need in your baby’s diaper bag, how to put a nursery together, beauty tips and tricks, healthy meals and so much more.

Jessica Alba’s suggestions on eco-friendly living are chic and down-to-earth.

Originally published in VOXXI as Jessica Alba shares tips and tricks on eco-living in ‘The Honest Life’

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