03/21/2013 07:16 am ET

London At Night: James Carlick's Eye-Popping Shots Of London (PHOTOS)

We love London. We love its abandoned tube stations; we love how it sometimes looks eerie after dark; we love it when royals ride the tube; we love the views from the newly-opened Shard.

But we kinda love it the most when it's shot from above, granting all-access views across the sweeping city. Urban explorer James Charlick climbed atop cranes and rooftops (hint: don't try this at home) to shoot the below photos. The 28-year-old travels Europe taking photos of decrepit buildings, according to the Daily Mail.

Of his nights spent photographing the city, Charlick told the paper, "At 175m above ground you don't hear much of the city noise so you become slightly detached from the frenetic energy below, you can just relax and enjoy." Charlick brushed off any danger he felt climbing all over construction sites to get views, simply saying, "I try to avoid dying, it would put a bit of a downer on my day."



London At Night