03/21/2013 03:11 pm ET

Martha Stewart's Beauty Secrets: Zit Popping, Hand Yoga And Silicone Soap

The homemaking goddess spills her best beauty secrets.

Martha Stewart has saved our behinds (literally!) when we spilled wine on our parents' couch, needed help throwing a last-minute dinner party and weren't quite sure how long to slow-cook a pot roast. But the homemaking goddess knows quite a lot about beauty.

Stewart recently shared her best beauty secrets with Allure, and it's full fancy products and tools that keep the 71-year-old looking like new money (not that she can't afford to spend a little bit more than us). From the highly-coveted Crᅢᄄme de la Mer moisturizer (we're still scraping the bottom of our sample) to the very meticulous way she applies a facial mask, the "Living the Good Long Life" author seems to be doing just that in spite of her recent legal drama with Macy's.

Read on for beauty intel beyond Stewart's medicine cabinet:

On cleansing. “I use about five soaps, including my Orentreich Medical Group silicone soap bar, which I love, and Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap. I use a loofah to really scrub my arms, thighs, and feet. Not my chest—that’s tender.”

On breakouts. “I rarely get blemishes now, but if perchance I’m starting to get one, I extract it with my old-fashioned fingers, unless I'm getting a facial later that week. I don’t like metal on my face.”

On aging hands. “I have a hand massage at least once a week, and it’s a serious massage. Oh my gosh, yes, it’s terribly important: I do not want my hands to get unnaturally bony-looking or wrinkly looking. And I do yoga hand exercises. They work.”

As a front-row reveler at New York Fashion Week and Marc Jacobs' Twitter BFF, Stewart is also quite the fashionista.

Before becoming a lifestyle mogul, she worked as a model during her college years making $50 an hour (which was beaucoup money back in those days). She even gave the Proenza Schouler designers a lesson on how to tie-dye without actually tying or dying anything. And we can't forget how Stewart paints the soles of her Christian Louboutin heels black -- we imagine to cover up scuff marks.

Are you surprised by Martha Stewart's beauty routine? Head over to Allure's Daily Beauty Reporter to read more.

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