03/21/2013 04:00 pm ET Updated Mar 21, 2013

Obama On Empowering Young Engineers In The Middle East

On Thursday, President Obama and President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority gave a joint press conference in Ramallah, West Bank. Later that day, the President addressed students in Jerusalem.

During the conference with Abbas, President Obama highlighted the work being done to empower young engineers in the region. He mentioned a Cisco program that aims to promote job growth in the Palestinian territories:

I was with President Peres this morning before I came here, looking at a high-tech exhibit that was taking place in Jerusalem. And there was actually a program that U.S. -- a U.S. company, Cisco, had set up, where it was hiring young Arab engineers and Palestinian engineers because they were so well qualified, so talented and there was a great hunger for those kinds of skills.

Learn more about the initiative on Cisco's website and in the video above. Read the full transcript of the press conference at