03/21/2013 04:34 pm ET

Mom Films As Crying Daughter Begs For 'Real Live Unicorn' (VIDEO)

Sometimes, you just really, really want a real live unicorn!

In this video, uploaded several months ago by YouTube user Tsquiggs123, there's something about the little girl's unwillingness to compromise that we find endearing. After all, who wants a fake unicorn, when you could have the real deal?

Although her mom tries to calm her down, the girl is inconsolable. "I just really want a real live unicorn!" she sobs.

The girl also apparently believes a unicorn would be able to grant her all of her other wishes. Seems like sound logic.

Most of the comments on the "real live unicorn" video seem pretty silly, but commenters in the past have pointed out its not necessarily constructive -- or very nice -- to film your child having a tantrum.

In this case, the unicorn-loving girl will probably grow out of her obsession. Or, perhaps she won't, and she'll grow up to be Miley Cyrus.