03/21/2013 04:43 pm ET

Starting College: Tips From A Pro | HelloGiggles

You made it! You’ve spent the past two years (if not more) talking about, applying to, getting waitlisted for, going on tours of, and preparing for college. Now it’s time to pack your bags, buy an adorable new comforter and try not to cry when your Mom walks out of the dorm and you realize you’re on your own. No matter where you go to University, the issues of being a college freshman remain the same – things like homesickness, roommate politics, time management, figuring out what you want to do with your life and even figuring out what you should eat for lunch every day can be overwhelming. Why am I qualified to give tips on this topic? I went to a large state school for a year before transferring to Boston College (Go Eagles!), so I went through the nerve-wracking process of starting over at college more than once. After a year at BC I landed a summer work study job as a peppy tour guide in the admissions office, and the year after that I was a peppy orientation leader. You know – those upperclassman that do silly skits about the dangers of drinking and then lead you in icebreakers. That’s ME!

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