03/21/2013 04:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Super Mario Bros. 'L' Map: Chicago's Transit System Gets The Video Game Treatment (PHOTO)

"Doors open on the right at Mushroom Kingdom."

Thanks in particular to recent closures, slow zones and "switching problems," riding the Chicago Transit Authority's 'L' can sometimes feel more than a bit like being in a live-action video game.

So, why not make the rail map look more like one? Improv artist Robert Bacon has done exactly that with a map modeled after the classic Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Nintendo video game.

Bacon wrote on his ChicagoNow blog that he drew inspiration from a similar map developed by Dave Delisle of a Mario Bros.-ified Washington, D.C. metro system in spending "too much" time making a Chicago-centric version.

super mario bros l map chicago

How much is "too much," HuffPost asked Bacon? Two hours on the bones and another five tinkering with stop sizes, the sprites, fonts, colors and lining up all the system's many stops. (View a full-size version of the map.)

"We're sorry, Hammer Bros. have been spotted on the tracks ahead. We will be moving shortly."

The map has been a hit on Reddit and elsewhere and Bacon told HuffPost he hopes to have a version of the map available for purchase in poster form soon. Also, Bacon wrote on his blog he may take up a Mario Bros. map for Detroit next.




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