WWE Star Saves Mom: Chris 'The Masterpiece' Masters Dubbed A 'Hero' After Burning House Rescue

Bringing his bravura out of the ring and into a burning house, a former WWE superstar reportedly saved his mother's life this week.

Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters is said to have rescued his mom after her Los Angeles home was allegedly set ablaze by a neighbor on Tuesday.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Masters -- whose real name is Chris Mordetzky -- was called to the scene by his uncle, who lives nearby, after a neighbor reportedly broke into Diane Mordetzky's house and "barricaded himself inside."

When Masters got to his mom's home, TMZ reports that he heard the neighbor threatening to burn the building down if anyone attempted to get inside. The former wrestler is said to have attempted to negotiate with the man but decided to call the police when that proved futile.

Once the authorities arrived, the neighbor allegedly set Mordetzky's house on fire.

TMZ reports that Masters then went into "hero mode," ripped a tree out of the ground with his bare hands and used it to break a window. He was then able to reach his mom and pull her out of the blazing building.

The neighbor was promptly arrested.

Following the dramatic rescue, Masters took to Twitter to share the news with his fans in a series of tweets:

Many netizens have since lauded "The Masterpiece" for his heroism.

If Masters wants to make a habit of saving the day, he could have a promising future as a full-time super hero. Plus, he already has most of the outfit -- all he needs is a cape.