03/22/2013 07:04 am ET Updated May 22, 2013

Anderson Cooper, Nancy Grace Team Up In 'The Case Of The Missing Handcuff Necklace' (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper and Nancy Grace teamed up on Thursday night to try and solve a thrilling, chilling mystery: "The Case of the Missing Handcuff Necklace."

The necklace in question was Grace's, obviously (such crime-themed jewelry being very much in line with her general life M.O.). Cooper had been distracted enough by its shininess in a previous segment with Grace that he asked her about it on the air. On Thursday, though, fliers around CNN headquarters suddenly went up, saying that the necklace had gone missing.

Cue Thursday night's episode of "Law And Order: Necklace Theft Unit." Cooper can't go three seconds without giggling, and Grace has never been known to smile, so the two made for a dynamic duo. Grace first tried to point the finger at Cooper himself--"you clearly wanted the necklace," she barked at him--before pulling an even larger pair of handcuffs from beneath her shirt for some reason. She then accused defense attorney Mark Geragos of having been the thief.

"Where do you get a handcuff necklace, at a regular jewelry store or an S&M dungeon?" Cooper wondered.

"What's an S&M dungeon?" a suspicious Grace asked, suspiciously. Cooper didn't even try to answer that question. Perhaps he will clear up the issue in the next episode of "NTU."



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