03/22/2013 10:25 am ET

How The GOP Can Win Back African American Voters

On Monday, the Republican National Committee released a report analyzing the party’s loss in last year’s presidential election. It was surprisingly frank about Republicans’ failure to attract just about any group except white men; women, young people and every racial and ethnic minority in the country feel alienated by the GOP’s policies and style, the report said.

Unless the Republican Party can move beyond its base, it faces political euthanasia down the road. As the report explains, the electorate was 88 percent white in 1980; in 2012 the white share fell to 72 percent. Hispanics have risen from 7 percent of the electorate in 2000 to 10 percent last year. By 2050, whites will only represent 47 percent of the population; Hispanics will comprise 29 percent and Asians 9 percent.