03/22/2013 03:13 pm ET Updated Mar 28, 2013

Matt Damon Uses Potty Humor To Spread Awareness On World Water Day (VIDEO)

It's World Water Day, and while the water crisis is no laughing matter -- for Matt Damon, potty humor is just the trick to send an important message.

"Quick, what invention saved the most lives in human history?" a cartoon stick figure, voiced by Damon, asks in a newly released PSA. "The answer is the can, the john, the porcelain throne, the bog, the foreign office, the Thomas crapper. That's right, the toilet!"

The 42-year-old actor continues: "The toilet not only provides a tranquil escape from nagging bosses, spouses and children, it's also a fast and sanitary way to dispose of waste -- separate from the water we drink and bathe in."

Damon, one of the founders of Water.org, asks that everyone remember that in many countries, toilets are still a luxury.

"Take a moment to consider that the water six inches beneath your butt is cleaner than the drinking water of one billion of your neighbors," Damon says. "So celebrate your can, because you can. And would it kill you donate a few bucks -- and light a match?"



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