03/22/2013 02:23 pm ET

Stephanie Walker Allegedly Dresses As Mime, Attacks College Student

Did cops have to tell her she had the right to remain silent?

Stephanie C. Walker, 37, was dressed as a mime when she allegedly attacked a 20-year-old University of Georgia student, Online Athens reported.

The female student told Athens-Clarke police she was walking down the street at around 11 a.m. Wednesday when Walker approached, wearing all black and with her face painted completely white.

Walker allegedly started yelling that the student had watched her on TV. When the student replied that she didn't even have a TV, Walker allegedly grabbed her hair, hit her and shoved her on the ground.

A 39-year-old male bystander stopped the attack. A police report obtained by Online Athens states that when authorities showed up, Walker was "ranting … without making any sense." She allegedly had a straight razor in her purse.

The student and Walker did not know each other previously.

She was charged with battery and is scheduled to have a mental evaluation.

Walker wasn't the first person to dress up like an entertainer and end up in a street fight. In November, a cop and clown were caught on tape publicly brawling after the clown was allegedly chasing cars with squirt guns.

And in case your children aren't already terrified of clowns, Dominic Deville, the "evil birthday clown" will, for a fee, stalk your child the week leading up to his birthday. Deville says he harasses the child with threatening notes and phone messages that culminate in him smashing a pie in the kid's face.



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