03/22/2013 05:34 am ET Updated Mar 22, 2013

'The Vampire Diaries': Who's Playing Who During Damon And Elena's Trip To New York? (VIDEO)

"The Vampire Diaries" took a trip to the Big Apple with Damon and Elena. He told her they were there to feed -- as he'd enjoyed doing back in the '70s when his humanity was turned off -- but Daman had an ulterior motive. It was a secret that was spoiled when Rebekah showed up. Or perhaps Elena knew all along, and she'd been playing Damon.

She certainly started trying to play Damon via manipulation and seduction, but those are Damon's moves. So that wasn't going to work. He was as determined to find the cure and force Elena to take it as she was to never take it. When her seduction ploy failed, Rebekah showed up and snapped Damon's neck.

"What was that you said about handling things yourself?" she asked Elena. Okay, so time for Plan B.

That meant a girls-only road trip -- in Damon's car, of course. Rebekah wants to take the cure to have a family and live a normal life while Elena wants to not take the cure to enjoy her newfound freedom as a vampire without humanity. TVLine enjoyed the move, saying this just got fun. Hollywood Life loved the new team-up as well, writing, "It was like 'Thelma and Louise,' only better! ... Can we get an Elena-Rebekah spin-off please?!”

We're already getting a spin-off with "The Originals," so they should probably focus on one at a time. For now, Elena and Rebekah can enjoy their adventure in "The Vampire Diaries," Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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