03/22/2013 02:40 pm ET Updated May 22, 2013

Wendy Williams And Elmo: Together Forever (VIDEO)

We'll admit it -- we got a little bored today. You know how it is -- a Friday, not much happening in the world, and you find yourself tumbling down YouTube rabbit holes.

That's how we found ourself watching this little masterpiece from 2010. It features one of daytime's dottiest but most endearing hosts, Wendy Williams, PLUS Elmo (during that happy period when he was a symbol of childhood innocence and not something ... less savory).

We here at HuffPost Media consider ourselves to be students of history, and so we're honored to include this video in our (very) occasional series "A Look Back."

The video is really something. Elmo, like all four-year-old monsters, was a guest on Williams' very grownup show. FOr some reason, he busted out into a song-and-dance based on Williams' catchphrase, "how you doin'?" And there were backup dancers, and then Elmo started doing sort of an upright worm kind of dance, and then Wendy started crying, and it was all crazy and definitely worthy of an official "A Look Back" designation. Just the thing we needed to perk up a sleepy Friday.

Plus we turned on CNN and they were talking about Wendy Williams, so we knew that this was all fate.



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