03/23/2013 10:58 am ET

Eva Mendes' Shock Collar Confession: Actress Reveals She Tested Her Dog's Training Collar (VIDEO)

Eva Mendes loves her dog .. a lot.

In an interview with David Letterman on "The Late Show" Wednesday night, the actress made a shocking revelation, admitting that she has tested her "attack dog" Hugo's shock collar on herself to make sure she's not hurting him.

Her beloved Belgian Malinois loves to chase after animals -- including squirrels -- which has Mendes worried. Although she realizes he's a dog, she doesn't want him hurting other creatures. Hence, the shock collar.

"All he wants to do is prove his love to me, you know, all he wants to do is kill for me. It's so sweet," Mendes told Letterman, adding, "I'd feel terrible if he hurt a little thing so I try to get in there and I use -- people always get mad at me for this -- but I use a shock collar on him."

"And I have the remote. But I've tried it on myself at all levels," she quickly added, "I swear!"

The levels being from zero to 110, which she admits she has tested out on her arm.

"I do not do it on my neck," Mendes explained, saying that the sensation is "more than a tingle, it's way more than tingle."

"Remember when we were kids and we had that jokey thing where you shake hands and 'Ahh!' that thing?" she said, "It's like that, but intensified the higher you go with the levels."

Now that's a devoted pet owner.



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