03/23/2013 04:50 pm ET

Will Arnett Talks New 'Arrested Development' Season, Says Bluth Family Has 'Fallen Apart'

Hoping the Bluths have gotten their act together since 2006? Will Arnett has assured that isn't the case.

"The family has kind of fallen apart," Arnett (Gob Bluth) told Us Magazine of the characters on "Arrested Development", noting that the financial crisis wasn't easy on them. "Left to their own devices, all of these characters will evolve into the worst versions of themselves."

While the Bluths have fallen apart, the actors who play them have only seen success since the series' ending.

"That show launched a lot of our careers and everyone is doing great, so to come back together while things are going well is really a fortunate situation," Jason Bateman, who plays Michael Bluth on the series, told GQ. "Everybody had to be big boys about not making it financially impossible."

Netflix's new episodes of "Arrested Development" will serve as a springboard for a potential movie, although it has yet to be greenlit.

The 14 episodes will premiere in May. All of them will be available at once.

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