03/25/2013 10:10 am ET

Antonio Ruiz, Photographer, Escapes Crocodile Attack In Costa Rica (VIDEO)

This photographer snapped pictures until a crocodile snapped at him.

Cameraman David Clow got footage of his friend, photographer Antonio Ruiz, getting up close-and-personal with a hungry crocodile in Rio Tarcoles, Costa Rica on March 18.

Video (which can be seen above) shows Ruiz undeterred as the creature creeps toward him while bystanders shout at him to move further in-land.

Finally, the crocodile gets tired of posing and jumps out of the water to try to bite Ruiz, who narrowly escapes the reptile's jaws.

The area where the video was taken is known as Crocodile Bridge, where the water is "literally teeming with crocodiles," according to Digital Journal.

YouTube commenters were quick to criticize Ruiz for being too reckless, but Clow came to his friend's defense, according to the Independent.

"My friend, Antonio, may have a death wish, and he may be a little crazy, but he is not stupid," Clow said in a YouTube comment. "He is a hard dude…like he says in the video, everyone made it worse yelling. He knows how to behave around them. Try not to be too mean, people.”



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