03/25/2013 04:56 pm ET

Billy Ray Harris, Homeless Man Who Returned Diamond Ring, Gets Surprise Family Reunion! (VIDEO)

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A homeless man who refused to make a quick buck off a ring that was accidentally dropped in his change cup has gotten the reward of a lifetime.

Donations have been pouring in for Billy Ray Harris since the country learned how the Missouri panhandler returned the expensive diamond ring that fell off of Sarah Darling’s hand when she was handing him change. The honest guy was offered $4,000 when he showed it to a jeweler, but declined. He has since gotten a prize on which he could never place a price tag -- reuniting with his family, TODAY reports.

Harris captured the hearts of readers in February soon after Darling and her husband, Bill Krejci, went public with his good deed. They launched a fundraiser to show their gratitude and it has since collected more than $187,000.

“Watching you on the news the other day brought tears to my eyes because I thought of what so many others would have done," Volanda Shields, a donor who gave $1,000, wrote on Harris’ GiveForward page.

While the do-gooder’s action touched thousands, it was when his estranged sister Robin Harris saw him on the news that Harris’ life changed forever.

Before seeing Harris on television, Robin, who lives in Wichita, Texas, feared her brother had died after not seeing him for 16 years, according to TODAY. After watching the segment, she reached out to KCTV, the station that originally reported the story, and got help connecting with her long-lost sibling. The two planned on having a family reunion this summer, but the TODAY show decided to surprise Harris with a more immediate gathering.

On Sunday, Harris, who now has a home and a job, finally had the chance to hug his three sisters and brother.

“This is a big payoff,” he said on the TODAY Show. “I got it all right here now.”



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