03/25/2013 05:32 pm ET

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Losing African-American Support

When President Obama said that Rahm Emanuel, his former White House Chief of Staff, would make a fine mayor for Chicago, the city's black voters took him at his word.

Emanuel won the 2011 mayoral race while garnering 59-percent of the black vote.

Now that support appears to be steadily eroding, according to a story on the web site of WLS-TV, Chicago’s ABC affiliate.

Two years into his term, unemployment and school closings are chipping away at a major block in Emanuel's political base.

Many in the African-American community are incensed that most of the schools on the Chicago Public Schools underutilized list are in predominantly black neighborhoods.

“In any city that's as segregated as Chicago, anytime that you destroy black schools and destroy black communities you can't call it anything but racist,” the Executive Director of Action Now, Katelyn Johnson said.