03/25/2013 01:01 pm ET

Dinosaur Sex Study Answers Prickly Question About How Spiked Dinos Reproduced

Jose Antonio Penas / Science Photo Library

If your lover had razor-sharp spikes running down her back, you might be a little less adventurous, too.

A new study suggests that male spiked dinosaurs had to be very cautious when they got their procreation on.

The Sunday Times reports that scientists believe the wannabe dino dads had to have sex in a "prehistoric variant on the missionary position to prevent injury, castration or even death."

"... some species had lethal spikes on their backs, which would have been impossible to get past,” according to dinosaur researcher Brian Switek.

Heinrich Mallison, a scientist at the Museum of Natural History in Berlin put together computer models of kentrosaurus, a relative of stegosaurus, to help determine how the spiked dinosaurs made kentrosaurus babies.

"These prickly dinosaurs must have had sex another way," Mallison said, according to Metro newspaper. "Perhaps the female lay down on her side and the male reared up to rest his torso over her."

Other researchers have previously argued that most male dinosaurs had sex by mounting a female dinosaur from the rear.

"It must have been a hell of a thing to see," Dr. Gregory M. Erickson, an evolutionary biologist at Florida State University, told The Huffington Post in July.



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