03/25/2013 01:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

University Of California Santa Barbara Puts On Special Graduation Ceremony For Student's Dying Father (PHOTO)

The photograph of a university's special graduation ceremony for a student's dying father has gone viral on Reddit.

"My dad died yesterday," Redditor mogieeeg wrote on Sunday. "This is his last day awake."

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dying dad graduation

The University of California at Santa Barbara arranged a personal graduation ceremony for mogieeeg's younger brother. Their father was able to spend his last day seeing his son get a college degree.

A second family member -- another brother who goes by the Reddit name acidaris -- said the celebration didn't stop at the ceremony.

"Shortly after the graduation exercise (what they called it) my dad rallied all his energy for a late lunch to celebrate," acidaris wrote. He also posted a photo of the siblings posing together.

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dying dad graduation 2

Their father passed away on Saturday morning.

"We'll always love you Pop," mogieeg said in the post.



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