03/25/2013 12:07 pm ET

Jodi Arias PTSD Defense Attacked Under Questioning (LIVE UPDATES)

Arizona Prosecutor Juan Martinez will once again attempt to torpedo Jodi Arias' PTSD defense, as his cross-examination of the accused murderer's psychologist continues today in an Arizona courtroom.

On Thursday, the defense finished its redirect of psychologist Richard Samuels following dozens of juror questions put to the defense expert by Judge Sherry Stephens. Arizona is one of three states that allow jurors to pose questions to witnesses after prosecution and defense lawyers have finished their questioning.

Samuels has testified Arias suffered from acute stress disorder, which developed into post-traumatic stress disorder. Samuels said he came to this conclusion after reviewing evidence in the case, examining Arias, and administering a test to diagnose PTSD.

During cross-examination Thursday, Martinez launched a bare-knuckle attack on Samuels and accused him of changing test results to give Arias a higher score on the test that led to a PTSD diagnosis.

"Isn't it true that ... you have compassion for the defendant ... Isn't it true that you have changed or done things ... because you have sympathy or bias toward the defendant?" Martinez asked Samuels on redirect.

"Absolutely not," Samuels replied.

Arias, 32, is accused of the June 4, 2008 slaying of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, inside his Mesa, Ariz., home. The prosecution contends Arias stabbed 30-year-old Alexander more than two-dozen times, shot him twice in the face and slashed his throat in a jealous rage. Arias told jurors she killed Alexander in self-defense during an argument over a dropped camera that followed his escalating sexual demands.

Arias is charged with first-degree murder and faces the death penalty if convicted.

The trial is set to resume at about 1:00 p.m. Eastern time, when Martinez is expected to continue his cross-examination of Samuels.

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