03/25/2013 04:36 pm ET

Kaitlin Gerber, Ohio Woman, Killed By Ex-Boyfriend Jashua Prez As She Drove To Work

A 20-year-old woman who, family members said, had endured months of "stalking, threats and harassment" was killed by her ex-boyfriend in an apparent murder-suicide.

The Toledo Blade reports that Kaitlin Gerber was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend Jashua Prez, 29, as she drove to work in Toledo on Sunday.

Sgt. Joe Hefferman said Gerber called 911 and reported she was being shot at. It's unclear whether Gerber was struck by any of Prez's bullets before her car crashed in a gym parking lot. Witnesses said that after Gerber's car crashed, Prez drove his car up to hers and "fired several more rounds," Steve Kahle, a Lucas County Coroner’s Office investigator, told the paper.

Police arrived to find Gerber dead at the scene. They then traveled to Prez's home where he had barricaded himself inside, according to WNWO.

After several hours of attempted negotiations, a SWAT team broke down Prez's door and found him dead from a "self-inflicted gun shot wound," the station reports.

One of the victim's friends, Alyse Hayes, told WTVG that Gerber "wasn't just a pretty girl with a pretty smile. She was so much more than that."

Joanna Weaver, another friend of Gerber's, called Prez a "monster."

"There are no words to describe abusive men," she said. "She did not deserve what he did to her. He did so much stuff to her and she lived in fear every single day because of this man."

The Blade reports that Gerber had taken out a restraining order that was repeatedly violated by Prez, according to her father, Jeff.

Sylvania City Solicitor James Moan said Prez pleaded guilty to one count of violating a protective order on February 27 and was released on his own recognizance. There was a pre-sentence report scheduled for April 1.



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