03/25/2013 02:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Paula Deen Diet Still Includes French Fries After Weight Loss (VIDEO)

Celebrity chef Paula Deen has lost a lot of weight -- about 40 pounds -- since revealing to the world that she had been diagnosed with diabetes after eating an unhealthy diet for years. She's attributed her body transformation to "little changes" in her diet. One change she hasn't made? Eating French fries.

A TMZ videographer accosted Deen and her husband Michael at LAX airport and asked her about the state of her diet. Deen, friendly as always, said that the treat she misses most is French fries -- and that she hasn't given up the crispy treat altogether. She admitted that she'd eaten French fries the very same day, at a fast food restaurant no less. Watch the video to see her confess:

Deen also mentions that she doesn't think that fast food will ever be very healthy. "I can't imagine a tofu fast food restaurant," she says, crumpling her face into a look of disgust. Apparently she's not a regular at Chipotle!



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