03/25/2013 07:38 am ET

Philip Roth On Ebooks: PBS Documentary Reveals Author's Thoughts On The Future Of Reading

Does Philip Roth like ebooks? The video above provides the (perhaps unsurprising) answer: no.

As we've mentioned before, a new Philip Roth PBS documentary, "American Masters Philip Roth: Unmasked", premieres on March 29th in honor of the author's 80th birthday this month.

To tease us, PBS has been releasing short outtakes that didn't make into the final edit. This one is one of the most compelling.

Philip Roth is hardly someone you'd turn to for an optimistic technophile quote about the future of literature, and so it proved when PBS asked him about the future of reading. He's pessimistic - in part because, he says, screens are much more appealing than print. (He means us, right?) But his answer contains a lot of very good points about attention span and the future of the novel.

Watch the video above, and let us know if you share his pessimism in the comments.



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