03/25/2013 02:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Proposing To Random Girls On A College Campus (VIDEO)

If you're striking out with your pickup lines, here's a new one that just might work. Grab a rose and a ring, then head to the center of campus and start asking random girls to marry you.

That's what the team at Whatever does in a couple of their latest videos making the rounds online.

"Are you admiring my aesthetics?" seems to be the dude in the video's favorite line (and we admit, we kind of dig it). He primarily targets coeds, though he does manage to pop the question to a couple professors too.

We aren't quite sure which campus is the scene of the prank pickups, but commenters have theorized it's the University of California-Santa Barbra. It's a fair guess, since that's the town in which Whatever's Twitter account says they're located.

Watch it for yourself! Part Two is up top, and Part One is embedded below:

Check out some of Whatever's other videos showing the group pranking people on campus: