03/25/2013 09:39 am ET Updated Mar 25, 2013

Sarai Sierra Allegedly Seen On Video Near Train Tracks Moments Before Murder In Istanbul

Moments before a New York mom was murdered while vacationing in Turkey, a passing train's camera allegedly caught a brief glimpse of her walking near grimy railroad tracks.

A woman in a pink dress -- believed to be Sarai Sierra -- is seen in the recently released footage recorded along a train line on Jan. 21, the day that the 33-year-old vanished in Istanbul, the Hurriyet Daily News reported.

Blurry footage also shows the homeless paper collector accused of murdering her grappling with Sierra, according to the Daily Mail.

Sierra had been traveling alone in Istanbul, Amsterdam and Munich for two weeks when she disappeared the day before she was due to return home to Staten Island.

Her body was found stuffed into an opening in Istanbul's ancient walls on Feb. 2. A deadly blow to the head killed her, officials said.

Turkish authorities identified Ziya Tasali, a transient with a criminal record known to loiter near the city walls, as the suspect in her killing.

The hunt for Tasali, 46, led to Turkey's border with Syria. He was nabbed about a week ago, but reports conflict about which side of the border he was captured on.

In custody, Tasali allegedly confessed and told authorities that he bashed Sierra in the head with a rock, because she refused to kiss him. He faces life in prison if convicted.