03/25/2013 02:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

7 Style Lessons Courtesy Of Kim Kardashian And The Worst-Dressed List (PHOTOS)

On last night's episode of "Kourtney And Kim Take Miami" Kim Kardashian bemoaned the fact that she continues to land on worst-dressed lists. She told Kourtney, "I don’t want to give my boyfriend this bad rep because for some reason everyone blames him for dressing me."

It's true that Kim's style has taken a dramatic turn since she began seeing her current beau (and baby-daddy), Kanye West. The images of her eradicating all fur-lined Louis Vuitton bags from her massive closet are burned on our brains. Under his tutelage, the reality TV star went from over-the-top looks to much more elegant outfits in either black, white or beige.

But despite a wardrobe full of designer duds (courtesy of Kanye), Kim continues to land on our worst-dressed list.

Here, seven lessons that we can learn from the clothing-magnate-slash-private-investigator:

1. Too much material. We understand the need to layer -- it is winter, after all. But this many dark layers looks sloppy, like you just grabbed a few blankets, rolled around in them, put a belt on and walked out the door. Choose one layer and wear it atop sleek basics so not to get lost in all the excess material.

lessons from the worst dressed list

2. Oddly placed ruffles. Peplums attract focus, especially on python-printed pants. They also add volume, which isn't ideal when placed near growing baby bumps and sizeable rear ends.

lessons from the worst dressed list

3. Sheer, breast-baring fabrics. When every detail of your bra is visible (including the barely harnessed breasts), it's time to consider an extra layer for coverage.

lessons from the worst dressed list

4. Poor fit. Tailoring can make or break an outfit. Ladies often end up on our best-dressed list when a dress fits perfectly and is hemmed to emphasize height and curves. Without proper tailoring, dresses can gape and pucker or be left to pool around one's feet.

lessons from the worst dressed list

5. Too much skin. We have mad love for women's bodies. A hint of dᅢᄅcolletage goes a long way, as does the curve of the side of a breast. Any more than that and it becomes tawdry.

lessons from the worst dressed list

6. Outlandish accessories. Silly shoes and bags distract from the rest of the outfit. No matter how impeccable your look may be, add a pair of python thigh-high boots and you may as well be wearing a garbage bag.

lessons from the worst dressed list

7. Poor pattern choice. Small patterns (like polka dots) are flattering because they keep the eye moving. Large patterns can look like an optical illusion and not in a positive way.

lessons from the worst dressed list

We're not trying to pick on Kim. But as we saw in last night's episode, even she realizes when she's landing herself on the worst-dressed list. We're just trying to help.

Check out Kim's maternity style thus far.

Kim Kardashian's Maternity Style

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