03/25/2013 05:16 am ET Updated Mar 25, 2013

'The Amazing Race': YouTube Personality Joey Has Epic Scorpion Freakout (VIDEO)

After Dave and Connor pulled out of the race last week, the remaining seven teams got a reprieve from Philimination on "The Amazing Race." This proved a saving grace for Chuck and Wynona. This week, the married couple redeemed themselves with a solid leg and an impressive third place finish.

That said, they could have come in last again and avoided elimination, as this was a non-elimination leg. This time around, it was the saving grace for Max and Katie, who fell from second place last week to last place this week.

By far the most entertaining aspect of the episode, though, was the scorpion handling. They were working with natives who showed caution, but no fear of the poisonous animals. They went so far as to put the scorpions in their mouths. Teams didn't have to perform this feat, but they did have to hold the animal in their hand and put it in a jar. This proved almost too much for YouTube personality Joey, who had an epic freakout Buddy TV called "his shining moment."

"I have to touch it? I have to freakin’ touch it! Oh my gosh. I don’t wanna. Maybe one of you guys could put it in the jar for me? Ya know?" he said frantically. "Please don’t let it kill me. Please don’t, oh my God. Oh my God. Please don’t let it ..."

Reality Wanted gave him Best Freakout Moment for the entire season. "It was both fantastic and hilarious," their reviewer wrote.

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