03/25/2013 05:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Natalie Morales's 'The More You Know' Features Strange Elevator Tip

NBC's "The More You Know" public service announcements may have won Emmy awards, but more often they're met with a yawn. So imagine my surprise when I found myself paying attention, never mind enthralled by the bizarre information coming from the box on my wall.

I had to rewind and post a recording to YouTube:

Now I can't know for sure how long "Today" news anchor Natalie Morales spent taping this, but I suggest one take, no further thoughts. And it seems this particular announcement's writer has both a grudge against the Joneses and an unorthodox, if not entirely useless, approach to health and fitness. Fruit and veggies are pretty common ingredients in "The More You Know" spots, but this segment's elevator tip would hit home with fewer families than NBC might think.

"The More You Know" historically has been the topic of both parody and praise. More prestigious segments have featured President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama reading announcements regarding education and childhood obesity, respectively.

More often, comedians have skewered the series' sometimes obvious messages in satire. Check out a few of Conan O'Brien's best in the slideshow below, but don't forget that the PSA above seems meant to be taken seriously.

The More You Know - Conan O'Brien