03/25/2013 08:50 am ET

'The Phoenix' Video: Fall Out Boy's Latest Shows The Boys In Trouble

Fall Out Boy has released a new music video for "The Phoenix," the latest single off of the band's upcoming album, "Save Rock and Roll."

The video (shown above) begins with the members of the band handcuffed and hooded in the back of a truck. "The Phoenix" then jumps a week earlier, showing the boys opening, and then carrying, a coveted case. They are then kidnapped, bound, and tortured by leather-clad women, presumably for the contents of the case.

"The Phoenix" is the second single off of the band's quasi-reunion album. The first single off of "Save Rock and Roll," "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)," took a similarly dark tone, celebrating arson in a big way (with some help from 2 Chainz).

Fall Out Boy's fifth studio album, "Save Rock and Roll," is the band's first since a hiatus following 2008's "Folie à Deux." The album will hit stores on April 15.

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