03/26/2013 09:05 am ET

Recipe Of The Day: Artichoke Pasta

With orange zest and Kalamata olives.

Since we are technically in spring (finally), and all of our favorite spring produce is coming into season, it's essential that we take advantage of this long-awaited break from winter fare. An artichoke pasta recipe is just the way to do that. Artichokes are one of the finer treasures of spring, and when paired with pasta it makes a comforting dish (which is important since it doesn't really feel like winter's over).

This artichoke pasta recipe is paired with orange zest that brings bright flavors and Kalamata olives give it a welcomed briny flavor. While this dish appears simple in flavor, the artichokes are cooked in a butter and olive oil sauce, spiked with garlic and white wine -- making it one dish you'll be coming to again and again.

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