03/26/2013 05:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Being A Dad': Comedian John Ramsey Tackles Fatherhood In New Web Show (VIDEO)

"You've gotta know your audience," John Ramsey explains to his collaborator, Mike Macrae, in the second episode of "Being A Dad," his new web comedy show about fatherhood.

The comedian and former lawyer, who lives in Austin, Texas, is trying to explain that his cheesy impersonations of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Austin Powers and Bill Cosby aren't "hack" if they make little kids laugh.

But he hopes babies and toddlers won't be the only ones amused. The web show he just launched -- produced by HUMORdy -- is aimed at his fellow new parents (Ramsey and his wife have a 16-month-old son, Jack, whom we meet in the second video, and are expecting another baby boy this summer).

Ramsey sees the series as a way to "kill three birds with one stone -- spend time with my son, continue producing comedy, and process some of things that being a dad has me thinking about," he told HuffPost over email, adding: "I never wanted to do any material based on real life, but now it's all I think about -- so I don't have much choice. Just another thing being a dad has changed."

In the series' first episode, Ramsey's Diaper Genie comes to life in the middle of the night, offering encouragement to the new dad (who's so exhausted he mistakes a hammer for his own baby).

And Ramsey told HuffPost that bedtime is indeed one of the things that makes him appreciate parenting's paradoxes -- and comedy value -- the most: "Like when it's 7:30 and you're just dying for your kid to go to bed, like 'he's being such a nightmare right now.' And then he finally goes to sleep, and at 7:35, you're like, 'I miss him. He's so cute it's unbelievable.'"

Watch the complete second episode of "Being A Dad" above, and see Episode One, "Diaper Genie," here:



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