03/26/2013 07:37 pm ET

Cody Simpson On His New Book, Justin Bieber And Taking A Fan To Prom (VIDEO)

When Cody Simpson stopped by HuffPost Live on Monday, he had a surprising and awesome announcement: He is going to auction himself off as a date to prom for a lucky fan (!). More details will be released soon -- and that wasn't the only exciting news he shared with us in the interview.

It seems our favorite Aussie singer is going to release a biography, Welcome to Paradise, in October. The book will give a behind-the-scenes look into his rise to fame, from releasing two EPs to getting his first record deal to going on tour with major pop stars like Big Time Rush.

"I could not have, in a million years, guessed that I'd be here right now three years ago," Cody said. "I didn’t expect the outcome, it was all a bit of fun. I never had a singing lesson or anything, and then I signed my deal... it’s such a dream come true."

Watch the full HuffPost Live interview in the videos above and below.

Since September 29, Cody has also been on the "Believe" tour with Justin Bieber. When asked about the negative media attention JB has received recently, Cody defended his real-life friend.

"We’re teenagers, sometimes we make mistakes," Cody said. "It's important to always be sensible and responsible, but at the end of the day we’re teenagers. We mess up sometimes, but we do the best we can to be the best role models we can be."

Simpsonators: Would you take Cody to prom? What do you think of his response to the Bieber drama? Sound off in the comments below or tweet @huffpostteen!



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