03/26/2013 01:35 pm ET Updated Mar 27, 2013

Dr. V Of 'L.A. Shrinks': Parenting Experts 'Don't Know Sh*t' (VIDEO)

Dr. Venus Nicolino -- a.k.a "Dr. V" -- has made a living out of dispensing guidance, on and off the small screen. But she's not convinced parents should treat the counsel of "experts" as gospel, she said in a Monday appearance on HuffPost Live.

The "LA Shrinks" star and HuffPost blogger told host Josh Zepps she couldn't offer parenting advice herself, per se -- but she did have a few observations based on her own experience raising her two sons and nephews.

"One of the biggest things that I've learned as a parent is that you're constantly improvising," she said, comparing moms and dads to members of jazz bands.

"We know how to be parents," she explained, noting that she didn't think parents should "feel they have to adopt a very specific way of being with their children" because "that sucks all of our motherly and fatherly instincts away from us."

"I feel that all these 'experts' out there, telling you what to do, they don't know sh*t. You know what to do as a parent. And yeah, could you get a little bit more help in terms of strategizing? You could. But I would say stay very far away from adopting a form of communication with your children that just isn't genuine to you."



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