03/26/2013 03:37 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Kentucky Gay Rights Activist's Car Vandalized In Possible Hate Crime: Report

The vandalism of a Kentucky-based gay rights activist's car is reportedly being investigated as a hate crime.

As WHAS 11 is reporting, Fairness Campaign Director Chris Hartman was attending a fundraiser at Louisville's Muhammad Ali Center when he returned to find his car not only sideswiped, but covered with anti-gay graffiti.

A swastika had been drawn on a Fairness Campaign logo, while a gay rights sticker with an image of President Barack Obama
had been similarly defaced.

“It is an intentional mark of hate," Hartman told the news station. "It wasn’t violence against me physically but the damage of my property certainly insinuates that if I had been outside with the car, there's no telling what could have happened."

Louisville Metro Police spokesman Dwight Mitchell told WFPL News that officers are currently investigating the crime, but do not have suspects.

Earlier this month, a Texas gay couple who made headlines after being rejected by a local wedding venue had their property vandalized. As WFAA reports, Ben Allen and Justin Hudgins of Everman, Tex. found "Burn Fag" painted on a fence outside their home.



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