03/26/2013 11:33 am ET

Good Samaritans Save Driver Who Suffered Seizure In Car (VIDEO)

A group of locals from Arnold, Missouri, heroically saved a driver who lost control of her car at a busy intersection.

A traffic light camera caught the whole ordeal on tape. The video shows the blue car stuttering as the driver suffers a seizure. Immediately after, Kristin Martin and Zachery Green jump out of their own car to do whatever they can to stop the vehicle from crashing.

"I told my girlfriend -- we've got to help this lady you know we have to. So I just slammed it into park and went with my instincts,” Green said in an interview with Fox 2.

The couple chased after the car and tried to flag down others to help or call 911. They managed to catch the attention of the driver of a pick-up truck, high school principal Don Grimshaw. According to Fox 2's report, Grimshaw was able to prevent the blue car from heading over a steep drop off near the highway entrance ahead of the intersection.

"I got in front of her and just tried to match up speeds and stop the car with the truck,” Grimshaw said.

The blue car eventually came to a stop in front of the guard rail with the driver unharmed.

Tiffany Boyer, a driver who witnessed the whole incident told Fox 2: “I never thought there were people like that out there anymore. It was something to see.”

First responders who arrived on the scene reported that the woman who suffered the seizure was conscious when she was transported to the hospital. Now, the three Samaritans have become local heroes.

"I think it should be a natural reaction in people,” Martin told WHDH. The news source also said the couple had no qualms about leaving their car in harm's way in the middle of the busy intersection.

Green said "At the time, a car or a life? Pick one. Mine was this lady."



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