03/26/2013 09:00 am ET

Media Descends On Supreme Court As Gay Marriage Hearings Commence

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As the Supreme Court opens two days of hearings on the future of same-sex marriage in America, journalists from around the world have descended on the steps of the Washington, DC courthouse.

The National Journal published a wry article on Monday about the supporters of gay marriage who have been camping outside the court. One man told the magazine that he'd given 200 interviews in three days to eager journalists hungry for a colorful angle on the story.

“I was the only person in line here for a while on Friday, and at one point I had 16 people around me all asking me questions at the same time," the man, Jason Wanacott, said.

On Tuesday morning Wanacott could be seen speaking to the "Today" show in its package on the story. He wasn't alone.

CBS News also filmed a report from the courthouse steps. So did the BBC. Newspapers from around the world filed reports. Daytime shows like Katie Couric's were also scheduled to focus on gay marriage.

The Huffington Post, naturally, was there too.



Gay Marriage At The Supreme Court