03/26/2013 07:45 pm ET

Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters Rumors Squashed, Reps Confirms That The Brand Is 'Not For Sale'

The New York Times reported Sunday that hipster fashion factory Urban Outfitters is in talks to buy Nasty Gal -- the edgy, chic online fashion site that has become the fastest growing retailer in the country.

And just in time for Coachella!

"Urban Outfitters recently contacted Ms. Amoruso about a potential acquisition, according to people briefed on the discussions," The New York Times states. "Asked about that, Ms. Amoruso said only, 'We’re talking.'"

But HuffPost LA did a little digging today and was able to get in touch with Nasty Gal reps who, in fact, responded to the rumors with a very clear statement: "While it's always flattering to get phone calls, we're committed to what we're building here and at this point Nasty Gal is not for sale."

There you have it. Looks like Coachella cavaliers and desert dames will have to stick to their own fashion favorites because for now, these two booming companies will not be eating from the same spoon.

Nasty Gal, which is an online website only, sold close to $100 million of clothing and accessories last year and more than crushes it on social media. The Times calls her the "Cinderella of tech" and goes on to quote Sucharita Mulpuru, a Forrester analyst, who says, “They’ve figured out the marketing tool. That’s the real story.”

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